Blair Johnson Wellness 90 Day to Thriving Transformation


 This program is for you if you want to:

  • How to increase your energy, so you can get your life back in balance. You will learn how to reset your mental powers in order to reach your desired outcome. This program is designed for anyone who is experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion, a work/life that is off-balance, extreme stress, and those feeling tired, overweight, and sluggish. It is a deep dive into your life. I will show you how to unlock your potential and your energy so that you feel in control, confident, and are living a thriving life.
  • How to make time for exercise – You don’t need to go to the gym every day for hours to get exercise into your schedule. We will unlock ways to move your body and incorporate some exercises into your already busy schedule. They are so easy – you probably won’t even notice them – until you start seeing the results!
  • How to lose unwanted weight WITHOUT Dieting!I will teach you that what you are eating and how you are eating is the cause of your weight gain and how simple adjustments will make a big impact for change. This is not a diet. It is a different way to nourish your life. You will not have to follow a strict or complicated diet. You will not have to count calories, points, or specific groups of foods. There are no complicated dietary guidelines. None of the “you can only eat these foods” plan. There is no deprivation here because let’s face it – as soon as I say you “can’t” eat something that would be the first thing you “have to have!” Hey, I’ve tried a lot of diets and they may work for a while – but they never seem to last – do they?
  • How to Lose the Stress and Overwhelm– You feel like you are overwhelmed with everything in your life. You are stressed out from work, chores, and errands. You are tired all the time. You feel you have too much work and not enough time to get it all done and you’re too tired to do it if you did have the time.
  • How to Gain Control of your life – instead of your life controlling you. You want to be in the best place you can be mentally and physically. You want to feel happy again. You want to be living and enjoying your life.
  • How simple changes in your life can have a big impact. These changes fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. These are changes you can easily manage now and easily maintain in the future.
  • How you can find the happy, joyful, fun-loving person you thought you lost.

You want to feel like you are Thriving! But how do you do that when your life is already jam-packed?

This program is designed for busy, overwhelmed, stressed out professionals who don’t need more on their plate but tools to manage everything on their plate.

In this program, you will learn how to increase your energy so you feel like you aren’t tired all the time. You will learn how to manage your stress. You will learn how to tackle the “overwhelm”. You will find the way back to a happier work/life balance. You will learn how you can lose weight in the process without having to follow a strict diet.

By adding some simple, yet very effective changes to your day you will be amazed at how you can easily start to gain control over your life that you have lost

We meet once a week for 12 weeks. Sessions are conducted over the phone. Each week we will unlock the next adjustment and follow the results as they build upon one another.

You will thank yourself three months from now!


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What I really liked – that there was non-pressured accountability and that you allowed thoughts to flow in whatever direction they happened.   I feel I got more out of Blair’s  12-week program than I have in a year’s worth of regular therapy sessions. And it cost less too! My greatest achievement was getting off coke!  AND Getting back into my clothes!  Those are the minor ones.  The major one was seeing the box I had locked myself into and being able to open it and start climbing out of it! -April A.