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Certified Holistic Wellness Training, Products & Services for Pets & Their Peoples

Blair Johnson is a Certified Transformational Wellness Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist, Certified in Holistic Care for Dogs & Cats. Blair started her company – Blair Johnson Wellness – to share her passion for healthy living for people and their pets.

Her journey to health started with 2 cats, a canine and a can of cola and blossomed into a career. After rescuing a malnourished Australian shepherd, she became certified in Holistic Care for Companion Animals to learn how to get him healthy. She transformed him into a competitive Frisbee Dog Athlete by focusing on his nutrition and alternative therapies. Throughout this process she began realizing her high stress, sugar fueled, fast food lifestyle was causing her to be continually sick, exhausted and mentally burnt out. She quit her job and went back to school for nutrition and herbal remedies. After graduating she became certified in Transformational Coaching.

With her background in nutrition, herbal remedies and other alternative health practices for both pets and their peoples, she began to realize that there is an intertwined lifestyle with women and their pets. She began to incorporate a variety of ideas that make getting healthy easy and attainable together. Working with Blair, you receive a personalized plan for you and your pets that are pleasurable, stress-free, and fit into your busy lifestyle.

As a brand partner with Life’s Abundance, she has found the most nutritious food, treats, supplements that provide your pets with what they need to have healthier lives as well as non-toxic products for grooming and cleaning.

Blair loves to provide holistic wellness training for pets and their peoples – so you can both live together-longer! A healthy lifestyle isn’t hard – You need the right formula to cut through the confusion and learn to easily make the best decisions for you both.

Her coaching sessions are packed with quick tips, laughter and a-ha’s that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to create a vibrant, thriving life for you and your fur kid, all while having a great time in the process.

Holistic Wellness Products, Training & Services
for Pets & Their Peoples-
So You Can Live Together, Longer