Heal your pet from the inside out.

Learn how small shifts in diet and lifestyle can make a big difference in your pet’s health and happiness.

When your fur baby isn’t well, you’ll do anything to make them feel better.

That’s why you’ve seen the vet.
You’ve paid for the prescriptions.
You’ve followed the recommendations.

But you want to do more.
And you can’t help but wonder what’s causing these symptoms in the first place and why they aren’t improving.

I know how overwhelming health issues can feel. But I’ve seen in my own pets how simple changes in nutrition, daily habits and supplements can transform their lives.

There’s a world of help beyond medication to reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and improve behavior.

But where do you start? And which changes are right for your pet?

The Pet Wellness Assessment will help you discover the best way to care for your furbaby.

This 45-minute consultation will provide holistic recommendations tailored to your pet that you can implement immediately.

This program is for you if your pet is experiencing: 

Health Challenges:

  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Weight concerns

Behavior Challenges:

  • Excessive barking
  • Compulsive chewing
  • Urinating in the house
  • Anxiety

Wellness doesn’t have to be complicated. Many common ailments can be improved or eliminated by tweaking your pet’s diet and lifestyle.

But it’s hard to know what will help your furbaby with their particular challenges. And what hidden things that are causing their health issues.

The Pet Wellness Assessment will get you started on the path to healing your pet. We’ll identify areas of concern and create a personalized protocol to help your pet live a long, vibrant life by your side.

Step 1

Book a 45-minute phone consultation.

Step 2

During the assessment, we’ll discuss your pet’s:

  • Health history
  • Current diet (including treats)
  • Medications
  • Behavior
  • Exercise regimen
  • Daily environment

Step 3

I’ll make individualized recommendations to address your pet’s specific needs with clear, easy-to-implement suggestions.

Step 4

You’ll receive a personalized document outlining the steps to your pet’s optimal health.

Through this program, you’ll receive:

Deeper insights into your pet’s condition so you better understand how their illness is functioning and how you can help

Personalized recommendations for nutrition shifts to soothe symptoms

Suggestions for supplements to address any imbalances

Holistic suggestions around exercise, behavior training, and environment for optimal wellness

How to save money even with using better products

An easy-to-reference document for your ongoing guidance

You want your pet to live a long, healthy life.

You hope it’s happy, too.

Sign up for my 45-minute pet wellness assessment now available for $147 and set your furbaby on the path to feeling better sooner.

Hi, I’m Blair

After losing my two beautiful cats within weeks of each other, I started taking a real, hard look at the ingredients in their food. I genuinely believed what I was feeding my cats was some of the BEST pet food on the market, so I was shocked when I realized that I had been poisoning my pets, without ever meaning to.

I was determined to right what I’d done wrong when I rescued an amazing but malnourished Australian Shepherd named Pirate.

I researched everything. I only gave him high-quality pet food. I was so determined to see Pirate healthy that I found a Holistic Care for Companion Animals Certification course that taught me how to get and keep him healthy.

My mind was blown after learning about pet nutrition, massage, alternative therapies, aromatherapy/essential oils, and more. I had NO IDEA you could treat a pet holistically.
And in so many ways!

Pirate went on to live a long, vibrant life as a competitive Disc Dog. He helped me discover my purpose: to help you and your pet live together longer.

It’s my honor and pleasure to help guide you and your pet to better health together. My signature Pet Wellness Assessment provides everything you need to get started, so let’s do this thing together! Just click the link below to purchase and schedule your session.