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Let’s work together!

I love finding Holistic ways for You and your Pets to Live Together Longer. Thriving you. Energetic you. Healthier pets. All of this is attainable – you need the right tools created for you to have the lifestyle you love. All this is done with a large dose of laughter – because laughter is the best medicine.

As a busy entrepreneur, I had to find ways to take care of my health while taking care of business and paying attention to my family. Once I figured out how to simplify my health routine it all came together.

Learning what was working FOR me and AGAINST me with nutrition and supplements was a game changer. Now, my passion is helping you and your pets find their optimal health together.

My health journey started with our first rescued dog – he was in such sad shape I made a vow to figure out how to turn him into an athlete dog and went back to school to study Holistic Care for Companion Animals.  That information fascinated me so much – I quit my job to go back to school and study Nutrition and Herbal Remedies.  I knew sharing what I learned was my calling – so I became a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and now it’s about helping you find your best health ever.

With this combination of skills – I zero in on what will and won’t Really help you achieve maximum health – for you and your pets. Even better – I work with both of you so you can Live Together-Longer!

How Do I Help My Pet Live A Longer, Healthier Life?

Find out here!

Have a concern about your Pet?

What options do I have for their care?

Maybe you’re confused about food, supplements and alternative treatments.

During this call – we’ll go over a series of questions to get you started on the right path for your pet’s health.

Once we’ve gone over your Pet Wellness Assessment – now it’s time for you to have all the information you need in a comprehensive review. Your pet deserves to have the best care possible. This is the place to have the information to empower your choices for the care of your pet. Specifically formulated for Dogs and Cats.

Your Pet – only healthier. (naturally, of course)

In this review you will receive my personalized recommendations in a detailed report. You will benefit from learning about topics including holistic nutrition, exercise, energy, supplements, aromatherapy, alternative treatments, etc.

The review is customized for YOUR PET and what YOU need to know so they can live a longer, healthier life! You can keep the report and go over information with your vet or continue your research.

I do not diagnose any conditions – once aware of the health issue that is concerning you/been diagnosed by a veterinarian – the report will offer you alternatives beyond pharmaceutical care.

Whereas, I am not a vet – my aim is to help you know there are choices available to you for the health and well-being of your pet’s health.

Transformational Coaching

Your body actually WANTS to be HEALTHY! But sometimes we get off track.

You deserve to be energetic!
You deserve to know what choices are exactly right for you!
You deserve to enjoy the lifestyle you want!
You deserve the best care possible!

But you’re so confused and turned around by all the mixed messages about what IS/ISN’T healthy for YOU personally.
You’ve started and stopped so many times you’re frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed.

What makes this coaching different is that it is completely DESIGNED for YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE without giving up life’s pleasures – like food groups, wine, chocolate!!

Each session we will focus on ONE component of your health. You will benefit from learning about topics including nutrition, exercise, energy, mental connections, supplements, aromatherapy, alternative treatments, etc.

One session is built on the one before.

The sessions are customized for YOU and what YOU need to know!

You deserve to have the best care possible. This is the place to learn it all.

Six sessions are recommended.

Join My Team

Life is full of opportunities – I have a few we could talk about. What are your dreams, goals and desires? Love pets, Into fitness, how about non-toxic living? Set up a time with me and see how we can enhance your life!